Welcome to our tango school!

Are you a foreigner or an expat in Paris and French is not your forte, but you would still like to take Argentine tango classes with experienced and friendly teachers?

At Tango Mon Amour Paris we offer weekly tango classes and monthly thematical workshops for intermediate and advanced level students. Although our classes and workshops are usually given in French, don’t be discouraged. Even if your French is not very advanced, there is no reason why your tango shouldn’t be! Our students are a very international crowd and of our six teachers only one is actually French-born. You will be in good company!

Weekly Tango Classes

We offer weekly tango classes every Thursday with a team of four teachers, who alternate from one week to another, for intermediate and advanced levels. Sign up with a partner at paris@tangomonamour.com.


Mariana Patsarika & Dimitris Biskas
Patrice Meissirel & Irene Moraglio

19h30 – 21h : Tango de Pista
Improvisation and musicality for social tango
21h – 22h30 : Tango Escenario
Stage tango, group choreography and amateur shows.

Thematical Workshops

Every month, we offer various thematical workshops on topics such as individual technique, tango vocabulary, musicality and leading for women.

Body & Technique

This season Veronica & Mariana offer you a series of workshops to train and improve your technique, with an approach enriched by body awareness exercises and exercises inspired by bodywork techniques such as Pilates, yoga, classical and contemporary dance. No partner needed.

With Dimitris & Mariana Los Biskas

Dimitris & Mariana will be giving monthly workshops for couples on various topics related to vocabulary and musicality. Improve your skills with two of the best teachers Paris has to offer! Sign up with a partner.

Leading for Women

You are a woman, you have at least 1 year of experience as a follower and you would like to learn to lead but you don’t know how to get started? Or maybe you already lead and would like to improve your skills? Then the monthly leading workshop for women is for you! No partner needed.

Follower’s Technique Training

If you are a follower of intermediate or advanced level and you would like to improve your technique, come and train with Veronica. Her drills are without mercy! No partner needed.

With Veronica Toumanova & Asya Moiseeva

Veronica & Asya are a unique tango duo of women, known for their refinement, connection and musicality. For Tango Mon Amour they teach workshops on embrace, musicality and complex vocabulary. Sign up with a partner. Next date: 18th of December ’22.


If you take our regular Thursday classes, Tango de Pista and/or Tango Escenario, you can opt for one of our annual passes. In this case, you benefit from a significant reduction in the price of a class.

The FA1 pass gives you access to one regular class/week and FA2 to two classes/week. Annual passes do not give access to monthly workshops.

If you take our classes and/or workshops from time to time and you prefer not to commit to the year, you will have more flexibility with our passes of 4 or 10 classes. These passes allow you to save on the price of a class and are valid for all weekly classes and all workshop modules (1h30min) during the 2022-2023 season.

Annual Pass FA1 €400

Annual Pass FA2 €690

Thursday trial class €10

Single class/workshop €25

4 Classes Pass €70

10 Classes Pass €160

Annual membership fee €10

Annual membership of the “Mouvements dansés” association is compulsory except for single classes. You will be asked to pay it once a year during the purchase of the first pass.


If you have more questions or you would like to sign up for one of our classes or workshops, here are our contact details. Besides French, all of our teachers speak English and some of us also speak Spanish, Italian, Greek, German and Russian.

Mariana & Dimitris Los Biskas
06 38 54 68 02

Veronica Toumanova
06 32 74 82 35

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